Q: How far in advance do I have to order? A: The quick answer is one day, however, you can also order your cheesecake(s) months in advance. Order your cheesecake(s) by 11:00am (PST), and your order will be ready for pick up or we’ll deliver to your specified address the next business day by noon.  The bakery is closed on Sunday.  Order your cheesecake(s) Saturday 11:00am (PST) for Monday pick-up or delivery.  All of our cheesecakes are made to order to guarantee that you get the freshest and best product possible.
Q: Do you ship outside of the Los Angeles/So. California area? A: Currently, we do not deliver outside of Los Angeles, yet would consider this if there is a demand.
Q: My kids are allergic to nuts so how can we avoid products with them? A: Our cheesecakes are baked in a facility where nuts are being used and our products are being produced on shared equipment that have had exposure to nuts. To be safe, anyone with a nut allergy should NOT consume our products.
Q: Can I pick up my cheesecake? A: Our cheesecakes are made for Pick-Up and or Delivery.
Q: Where do I pick up my cheesecake after ordering it online. A: 2221 Barry Ave. Los Angeles 90064 Monday-Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
Q: How can I cancel my order? A: Orders can be cancelled by sending us your contact information and order number by email at info (at) paulscheesecake (dot) com within (3) days of confirmed delivery date/time for full refund of purchase price. We will send you a cancellation confirmation e-mail reply.
Q: How long will my cheesecake stay fresh? A: Our cheesecakes are baked to be eaten fresh. However, if you would like to save it, you can keep it in a secured box for 3 – 5 days. If in an airtight container, your cake will remain fresh even longer.
Q: How do I care for my cheesecake? A:Keep your cheesecake refrigerated until ready to serve.
Q: Can I freeze it? A: We don’t recommend this as it will compromise the quality and taste of our cakes.  However, if you must, use saran wrap to keep air from drying out the cheesecake.
Q: Can you write Happy Birthday on the cake? A:Yes, we can print any message you want, provided that it is non-offensive.  For an Extra free of $2.00
Q: Do you cater? A: We are not a catering company, we create cheesecakes only. However, we can accommodate large orders when given enough lead time.
Q: So, how do I order? A: Simply go to the cheesecake you would like and add it to your cart.  Once your order is placed, we will send you and email confirmation that your order will be processed.
 Q: How big are Paul’s Cheesecakes and how many people will they serve? A: Each Cheesecake is 10″ round by 2.5″ thick and can serve between 14-18 people
 Q: Do you charge for delivery? A: Yes, delivery charges are different for each local city.  See delivery rate table during the ordering process.  Orders of more than 6 cheesecakes to a specific address may occur additional charges.