Cheesecake Strawberries

Pauls_Cheesecake_StrawberriesOur “classic” topped with a refreshingly tangy sweet strawberry sauce harmonizes with the creamy richness of the cheesecake for a delightful treat anytime anywhere.





Ordering Instructions:

STEP 1: Select your cheesecake.

STEP 2: Select Pickup or Delivery.
a) If ‘Delivery,’ then choose City.
b) If you are ordering 2 or more cakes to be delivered to the same address, and you already added an item with shipping charges,  select “I am already having an item shipped. Please combine shipping (up to 6 cakes) ” for delivery option of 2 or more cheesecakes.

STEP 3: Chose Pickup Date and Time or Delivery Date.

STEP 4: Provide message on Cheesecake if you chose that option above.

STEP 5: Add to cart and keep shopping or continue to checkout.

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