About Us

Paul’s Cheesecake is back!  After taking a decade long hiatus, founder Paul Hekimian is bringing back his specialty cheesecake that was once served in many SoCal restaurants, cafes and ordered by A-List Celebrities.  Paul’s Cheesecake was so out-of-this world that the Hollywood crowd ordered them as gifts on a regular basis for their celebrity friends.  In fact, Paul hand delivered his famous original cheesecake to Frank Sinatra on his birthday every year.  Paul’s Cheesecake bakes mouthwatering cakes.  “I turned non-cheesecake lovers into cheesecake lovers,” Paul proudly states.  “All it takes is one bite and you’re hooked.”

Paul’s passion for cheesecake started when he was in junior high while at his best friend’s house eating her mom’s cheesecake.  Paul loved Mrs. G’s creamy dessert so much that whenever they were visiting, they would beg her to bake a cheesecake.  Mrs. G always honored Paul’s requests; however when his requests started coming in too frequently, the busy mom got exasperated.   “I won’t bake you a cake, but I’ll teach you how,” she said, and that’s how it all started.   After acing Mrs. G’s Cheesecake 101 class, Paul started baking the cheesecake for family and friends.  In high school and college, he turned his baking skills into a little business by selling cheesecakes during the holidays.   After one bite, recipients raved, “This is the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.”  Hearing that for the millionth time, Paul knew they had something great.  “People like dessert, but when it came to this cheesecake, everyone was going NUTS over it,” Paul boasted.  “The recipe was shared with me and I wanted to share it with all.”  Paul got Mrs. G’s permission to share her family recipe and he turned it into a business, the infamous Paul’s Cheesecake.

Paul rented a commercial kitchen, and while working as a Legal Administrator during the day, he baked cheesecakes at night and delivered them the next day.   As Paul’s Cheesecake was growing in clients and sales, Paul was presented with an opportunity in the corporate world that was more lucrative and less labor intensive than baking.  He had to make a choice.  After 5 successful years of building a loyal cheesecake following, Paul sold his business to a caterer.  However, Paul never stopped thinking about cheesecakes.  His former customers told Paul they missed him not being part of the company.  They missed his electric energy, which they claim is contagious!   Paul realized that Paul’s Cheesecake without Paul is not really Paul’s Cheesecake.  So, when the opportunity to buy back his name came about, Paul jumped at the chance!